Sanyo Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.'s official character "San-chan" is born!

U-suke designed the official character of Sanyo Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. The name is "San-chan".

This is the homepage of Sanyo Kaihatsu Co., Ltd., a company that conducts surveying, surveying, and designing.


New work “Rolling School Days” now on sale!

U-suke's new illustrated essay style novel Rollin' School Days" is now on sale at the online shop. This work was first exhibited at a solo exhibition held at Gallery Neuneu in Nishinomiya in September.


U-ske drew an illustration for the November issue of the nursery magazine Gakushu Hikari no Kuni".


U-suke was in charge of the character design, original drawings, and public relations design fo

r the planetarium movie "Planet Doctor shown at the Yamanashi Prefectural Science Museum.

Currently, the Yamanashi Prefectural Science Museum is closed due to the new coronavirus. Please check in advance.


U-suke created an illustration for the nursery teacher support club!(^^)!, a website for childcare workers to change jobs.


U-suke drew an illustration of the shutter wrapping for the Kato Kobo group apartment.

U-suke drew an illustration for the shutter wrapping of the office lounge of Kato Kobo Group, which is involved in the real estate industry in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture.


U-suke have created an illustrated map of the area around the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum (Hachioji).

U-suke have created an illustration map of the surrounding area of Tokyo Fuji Art Museum. It can be downloaded from the website, but it will also be distributed and displayed at the museum.


The picture book “Propeller Chidori” has been made into a play at Tsudanuma Kindergarten!

At the lifestyle presentation of Tsudanuma Kindergarten in Narashino City, a play based on U-suke's picture book ``Propeller Chidori'' published last year was performed by the senior Hoshi group.


U-suke's new picture book "Propeller Chidori(Froebel-kan) is now on sale!

This is a story about Misha, a boy from Siberia, who travels with five Japanese plovers to the Yatsu tidal flats in Japan. This is an adventure picture book filled with various elements: the harshness of migration, manufacturing, music, friendship, creatures of the tidal flats, and the importance of nature. It is sold at bookstores, online shops, etc. If we do not have it in stock, please place an order.



New U-suke's picture book”ZAKIHAN based on Yubara onsen in Okayama, Published Feb 14!
This is zakihan's website
PV for Zakihan is here.Please enjoy !


U-suke's new chirldren's picrure book "Kuroton is published by in April/2016.

You can buy in book stores and amazon etc too.


Bologna Children's book exhibition in AICHI NOW.

【date】2015/10/3 to 11/1 9:00-17:00

【Place】 Takahama city Kawara musium.TEL:0566-52-3366 




Kuroton is U-suke's character from his book selected for the Bologna children book 2015.

The book's other stickers are the Shiroton and Jet Dolphin.Thai version. …

(2015.10.7 )

U-suke joins in Japanese srung exhibition 100 creators in Osaka.


DATE:Oct/1 to Oct/28

PLACE:Gallery hokk(Osaka city) …


U-suke exhibition at Sugamo, Tokyo.

【date】 2015/Sep/26 to Oct/25

【Place】Sugamo-jizodori-town street.

【art works】

(1)U-suke's pictures in flame in 10 shops in Sugamo.

(2)U-suke's goods in "Kamotenashi" and "Sugamon-ya".

(3)U-suke is a guest in talk show in Dongara festival in Sugamo 10/oct/2015.

U-suke goods also sells in the shop near main stage.


U-suke's exhibition ay gallery SHIMA(Nishinomiya-city)


A popular character Moley's picture book is now available as an ebook!  (In overseas too)



Chonmage Kacho Calendar 2016 is now on sale!

【price】 1,000円


【place to sell】

●Bologna children's book exhibition in Japan URL:

Sugamo town art gallery

Inokashira park ARTMAR Check U-suke's twitter.

WEB SHOP(U-suke Shop) URL:


U-suke's character,"Kuroton"'s LINE stickers are now on sale in Creators stickers shop!

Kuroton's stickers have Japanese, EnglishTaiwanese,Thai(coming soon) version as well. you can buy these in your aria of LINE. This is English version of LINE stickers.



U-suke designed a logo for Cafe Haha in Taipei,Taiwan. The cafe opens today.The shop uses U-suke character,Moley. U-suke may do his exhibition at Cafe Haha next year while Bologna Children's book exhibition in Sho Kaiseki Museium, Taiwan.

Cafe Haha's facebook page is here.



"Bologna Children's book fair 2015" started from 4/July in Itabashi Museum.U-suke's selected art wrok"Kuroton" 's T-shirts and bags are sell in the museun shop.

It is till 16/August. please check it out.


Bologna children's book exhibition in japan starts soon. You can see U-suke's selected arts, book and interview on TV in the museum. Please visit and check it!

【Date】(Sat) 4/July/2015 to (Sun) 16/Aug/2015



【Entrance fee】650Yen (adults) 450Yen (students) 200Yen(kids)

【Sponsors】Itabashi Museum, JBBY

※After Tokyo, it moves Hyogo, Aichi, I hikawa, Taiwan. More detail is here.


U-suke was invited to the Prize-Giving Ceremony at Bologna children's book fair on 1st April 2015.


U-suke art shop in Inokashira art mart is off till 12/4/2015. It will be back 18/4/2015.


Rocket ship has been redesigned !


Bologna illustrator exhibition 2015's schedule is below.

U-suke's 5 pieces of art works from "Kurotn" you can see here.

■ Bologna Fiere
from March 30 April 2, 2015

■ Itabashi Art museum
from July 4 August 16, 2015
TEL: 03-3979-3251

■ Nishinomiya Otani art Museum
from August 22 September 27,2015 

TEL: 0798-33-0164

■Takahama Art Museum
from October 3 November 1,2015

TEL: 0566-52-3366

■ Ishikawa Nanao Art Musium
from November 6 December 13,2015

TEL: 0767-53-1500


U-suke's new book called "Kuroton" was one of part of selected illustrators in Bologna Children's book fair !!!!
U-suke is going to visit Italy for the ceremony and promote the new book.
After that the exhibition is start to show around Japan (Tokyo,Hyogo,Aichi,Ishikawa)