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■I found postcards of CK as I walked at Inokashira Park. My sister and me couldn't stop laughing when we saw the postcards,. My favorite card is "Eisbahn!"(Frozen road) . We bought 14 postcards set and Kuroton's keychains too. I'm looking forward to publish Kuroton book as well. Also I want to buy CK's calendar 2016. Please keep creating interesting art works with jokes. Thank you so much!


●I'm happy you're interested in my art works at Inkashira Park. "Eisbahn!" is one of the longest seller all of CK’s postcards. It was good to hear that you like Kuroton also. I'll tell you in this web site as Kuroton book start to sell. Maybe CK's calendar will be selling in September on my web shop too. Thank you.

■I have seen you in NHK (Japanese TV) Several years ago. I suddenly remembered, and researched you internet. Fist time as I knew CK, it took me into the CK illustrations's world with little bvocaburalliies. I'll visit Inokashira art mart to see you soon!

Hagimura(43・Kawagoe-City,Saitama【from Suzuka-city,Mie...】)

●Thank you for remembering that I was on TV. I am honored by that you describe about CK. You came from Suzuka-City.A lot of my relative also lives in Suzuka where is very nice place. Anyway, please check my twitter in the morning before coming Inokashira art mart. I'll tweet whether I am the open my art shop or not. Thank you.

■I bought CK stickers at Inokashira art mart. CK is sooo cool! (Laugh)

Ta~♪ (26・Arakawa,Tokyo)

●Thank you for buying Stickers! I am happy that you like CK, CK has two type of LINE stickers too. Please check it.

■I got Moley book and searched in your site. I think your sense of humor of CK's post cards has good.

I live in Hyogo, but You sale your goods in Tokyo. I wish if you come near my home...


●Thank you so much. It was good hear that from you.

Basically, my shop is only at Inokashira Art mart in Tokyo,But you can get some CK's cards from web shop"U-suke Shop". and also please check LINE stickers and e-book from Google Play.

My brother lives in Osaka so I would like to do my exhibition in near your home someday,Please wait till then.

■I met U-suke at Inokashira Art Mart.Moley is cute! I didn't know Moley but now I am being a fan from Today.

Mami(20 ・Sendai)

●Thank you for your purchase at Inokashira Art Mart.I am happy that you like Moley. Please check LNE stickers,book of Moley, and"Cafe HAHA"  using Moley characters will open in Taiwan soon.

■I bought a cute strap in Inokshira Art Mart. I become U-suke's fan.


●Thank you for your purchase at Inokashira Art Mart.
I do often my shop in Inokashira art mart every Saturday and Sunday if the weather is fine. Please visit again and check my Twitter before coming.(I tweet opening a shop not every time in Twitter)

■I love Chonmage Kacho so much!


●Thank you so much. Please enjoy "calendar 2015" and 2 type of LINE stickers of Chonmage Kacho.

■I bought Moley Book several years ago. Moley and CK makes my family refreshing smile. Thank you.

Kapimegu(47・Koganei City)

●In spite purchased a few years ago,I am very impressed that your family still enjoy it. Thank you so much. Please look forward to Moley and CK's LINE stickers that will sale in LINE store soon.

■I bought your goods. Your art works make me relax. I'm interested in both drawing and idea. I had looked for your goods that my friend recommended.


●Thank you for your purchase It is my pleasure looking for my goods by your friend. Please enjoy it.

■In Inokashira Park, the first time I met "Chonmage Kacho" and I bought post cards. CK has melancholy and, cuteness, masculinity, dialogue is there is a sense indescribable, I became to love at a glance. I lost which should I chose post cards from many interesting cards.,I'll visit your shop soon.


●Thank you for your purchase and Thank you for message to Chonmage Kacho.You understand CK's melancholy and masculinity( ! ) (-:  .I'm so grad you.

Chonmage Kacho has e-book in google play and  note.
Please come to my shop of Art mart again. I bring many CK's post cards in there.

■I couldn't stop laughing as I read Chonmage Kacho. Moley is also cute. I will buy the book in Inokashira park or book store. Is Moley's car Mini cooper?”


●It was good to hear that you like Moley and CK. Moley's red car looks like Mini cooper though it is Single-seater that is not exist.(but I used to have Mini from 1989-1994) You can get Moley book from Amazon too. Thank you.


■I know only Chonmage Kacho but I love so much(*^o^*) . I would like to use CK for my wall paper of PC and mobile.


●You can download wallpaper from this site . ( *finished ). And e-book Chonmage Kacho is now on sale in Google play you can enjoy by PC and mobile.

■I am looking forward to see new post cards of Chonmage Kacho


●Thank you so much. Although I am trying draw new card but I already drew over400 postcards. Please ask me as you come to Inokashira art mart. I can show file of postcards for you.

■I am involuntarily laughing that I got CK's calendar.


●Hello. Thank you buying CK's calendar. It is my pleasure your laughing . I am lucky you are not angry....

■I wish more people enjoy their life with laugh and surrealism by Chonmage Kacho. Everyone should know CK more and more..

Maruo(40・Kodaira-city, Tokyo)

●Thank you for kindly message.
I will do effort to create good art works for everyone who like my works too.

■I am fan of Chonmage Kacho. Now I am having big anxious that makes me sick. But when I read Chonmage Kacho, I would relax, and laugh. Chonmage Kacho is forever.


●Thank you for being fan of Chonmage Kacho.Sometimes life is so hard.......I know nothing to do as we have big anxious.. My art is not big power but if you feel relax with reading Chonmage Kacho as you hard, it is my pleasure that why I am doing this job.


■CK is very funny!  CK'S postcards can put on wall of my house is GOOD!!!!!


●Thank you very much.

I will create more funny cards in future for decollating your wall.

■I bought Chonmage Kacho's postcards in Inokashira Park Art Market Chonmage Kacho is very fun that makes me laughing. I will gather postcard little by little in my room and send my friends to make their laughing.


●Thank you for your purchase. I created postcards more than 400.I bring 100postcards every time in Inokashira Art Market. please enjoy and being a corrector of CK's cards.