Born in Mie, grew up in Chiba and living in Tokyo.

After working at the Narashino Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating from the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (Illustration of Diploma), He became a freelance illustrator and has created many illustrations for magazines, books, and websites, as well as characters for companies such as Ajinomoto Co., Ltd.

Since 2003, he has been selling original goods and postcards on the streets of Inokashira Park in Kichijoji, and has become a hot topic.In 2007, his books "Chonmage Kacho/Shufu to Seikatsusha'' and "Moley/Wani Books'' were published. .

In 2010, "Sugamo Imaginary Period Pictures" was installed on a panel in Sugamon Square in Sugamo Jizo-dori shopping street in Toshima Ward, and in 2015, "Sugamo Street Gallery U-suke Exhibition" was held in the shopping district. .

In 2015, his picture book"Kuroton'' was selected for the "Bologna International Picture Book Original Illustration Exhibition'', and was published by Hoikusha in April 2016 as ``Kuroton, His Jet Dolphin and Star Ryoko''. .

Since 2015, he has also served as a part-time producer for the Fab Design Association (FDA), a general incorporated association that conducts joint research projects with the Department of Design, Faculty of Engineering, Takushoku University (Hachioji Campus), holding manufacturing events for children and Yubara Onsen, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture. We also carry out regional revitalization support activities. The picture book "Zakihan,'' set in Yubara Onsen, was born through this exchange and was published by Fusosha in February 2017.

Since 2016, she has been registered with Funabashi City Cultural Activities Promotion Project Artist Bank, and is actively working as a lecturer.

In 2018, his picture book"Propeller Chidori (Plover)", which is set in the Yatsu tidal flat in Narashino City, was released by Froebel-kan in early August.

In 2020, he will be working on character designs and original drawings for the planetarium movie "Planet Doctor" (D&D Pictures).

In 2022, U-suke co-authored a paper with Professor Álvarez Jaime of the Department of Design, Faculty of Engineering, Takushoku University, with whom he is collaborating as a producer at FDA, to be published at an international conference (International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction). Presented at the ``International Conference on Effects'').

BOOK&DVD etc...

  • Novel/Illustration “Rolling School Days” by Rocketship sha (2023)
  • Planetarium movie “Planet Doctor/D&D Pictures” (2020) *Character design/original drawing
  • Picture story show “The Onigiri Tree/Kawaguchi Association” (2018)
  • "Propeller Chidori (Plover)" byFrobel-kan Co,Ltd ISBN-13: 978-4577600030(2018)
  • "Zakihan" by ISBN-13: 978-4594076696(2017)
  • "Kuroton" by ISBN-13: 978-4586085538(2016)
  • "Moley/Wani Books" (2007) *E-book (2015)
  • Moley” by Wani ISBN-13:978-4847017261(2007)
  • “Chonmage Kacho/Shufu to Seikatsusha” (2007) *E-book (2012)
  • “Chonmage Kacho” by Shufu to seikatsu ISBN-13:978-439113905(2007)
  • “Chonmage Kacho (Animation DVD)” by Red rice SAN:192087901429(2007)


  • Takarazuka Comic contest Gold prize (2000)
  • Dux Prize (Best artist) in Melbourne (2002)
  • "Kuroton" was Selected illustrator in Bologna children’s book fair,Italy(2015)

  • "Kuroton" was Selected book by school library asociation in Japan(2016)
  • "Propeller Chidori (Plover)" was Selected book by school library asociation in Japan(2018)


  • Newspaper "Leaders" Australia.(2003)
  • Weekly magazine "Shukan Josei".(2007)
  • Daily Newspaper Funabashi Yomiuri 4/7.(2007)
  • Monthly Magazine "+act" Vol.11. (2007)
  • NHK TV program "Asaichi". (2011)
  • Daily Newspaper Asahi 2/21. (2013)
  • Weekly Newspaper Yomiuri interview (2016)
  • J:com News interview in Chiba (2016)
  • Sankei Shimbun(2017)
  • Sanyo Shimbun(2017)
  • The Mainichi (2017)
  • Narashino City Newspapaer(2018)
  • Chiba Nippo Newspaper(2018)
  • The Japan agricultural News(2018)
  • The Mainichi(2019)
  • Chiba TV News (2024)


  • U-suke Digital Art Gallery in Melbourne (2003)

  • Moley Exhibition in Shinjuku,Tokyo(2005)
  • Launch Party of Chonmage Kacho & Moley in Chiba. (2007)
  • Design Fiesta Vol.27 in Tokyo.(2008)

  • Creator's market Vol.25 in Nagoya. (2011)
  • Bologna Children's book Exhibition in Italy,Tokyo,Hyogo,Aichi,Ishikawa,Taiwan (2015-2016)
  • U-suke Exhibition at Gallery SHIMA in Nishinomiya-city,Hyogo(2015)
  • exhibition"Japanese srungs by100 greators" in Gallry hook in Osaka(2015)
  • U-suke Exhibition at 1st Sugamo-jizodori street in Sugamo,Tokyo(2015)

  • U-suke Exhibition at Gallery Centinial,Osaka(2016)

  • U-suke Exhibition at Gallery KIKI,Chiba(2016)
  • Reading to children at Koganei(2017)
  • U-suke Exhibition at Gallery NEU NEU in Nishinomiya-city,Hyogo(2017)
  • U-suke Exhibition at Yubaraonsen, Okayama(2017)
  • U-suke Exhibition at Nrashino high school, Chiba(2017)
  • Reading to children at Yokkaichi library, Mie(2016)
  • Reading to children at Maniwa school,OKayama(2017)
  • Reading to children at Sanyodo book store, Chiba.(2017)
  • Reading to children at Yatsu higata festival,Chiba(2018)
  • Goods for 2018Bologna children's book fair in Yokkaichi Museum.(2018)
  • Moley Exhibition (Shinjuku, 2005)
  • Propeller Chidori Publication Commemoration Reading & Autograph Session & Workshop & Reproduction Original Art Exhibition (Yatsu Higata Nature Observation Center 2018)
  • 2018 Bologna International Picture Book Original Art Exhibition Traveling Exhibition Goods Sales (Yokkaichi City Museum, 2018)
  • Pippi Longstocking's World Exhibition Events, Readings, Autograph Sessions, Workshops "Let's Become an Illustrator" Character and Keychain Making (Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, 2018)
  • Aichi Prefecture Shinshiro Library Festival “Reading, Autograph Session, Workshop” (Shinshiro-city Library, 2018)

  • General class “Introduction to international activities and character creation workshop” (Shotoku Gakuen High School, 2018)
  • Funabashi City Shibayama Junior High School 3rd grade student/lecturer “About the work of an illustrator/Character creation for junior high school” Funabashi City Cultural Activities Promotion Project (twice in 2018)
  • Funabashi City Oanakita Elementary School (U-suke alma mater) 6th grade student/lecturer “About the work of an illustrator/Character creation for elementary school” Funabashi City Cultural Activities Promotion Project (2019)
  • Solo exhibition “U-suke in Kichijoji” (Copis Kichijoji 4F Art Gallery, 2023)
  • U-suke solo exhibition “Picture book and acrylic cutout exhibition” (Gallery Neuneu, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, 2023)
  • Participated in “Winter Exhibition” (“Gallery Neuneu”, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, 2023)
    “Summer Vacation Children’s Poster Class” (Narashinodai Community Center, 2023)
  • Funabashi City East Community Center’s “Drawing on the Wall” (Funabashi City East Community Center joint project, 2023)

  • Parent and child 4-frame manga class (Funabashi City Tsuboi Community Center, 2023)
  • Robodex (Tokyo Big Sight, Takenaka Machinery Co., Ltd. booth, U-suke corner, 2024)


  • Sanyo Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. Official Character “San-chan” (from 2024)
  • Anicom General Insurance Co., Ltd. chatbot character “Myao Taro” (2018-)
  • Taiwanese sweets store “Cafe HAHA” adopts “Molly” for logo, interior, etc. (2015~)
  • Eiwa Co., Ltd. hires “Chonmage Manager” (from 2011)
  • Ajinomoto Co., Inc. public relations character “Mimi & Gogo” (2010-)
  • Sugamo Jizo-dori shopping street panel “Sugamo Imaginary Period Illustrated Map” (2010-)
  • Takenaka Machinery Co., Ltd. “Cutting Samurai” (2009-)
  • And More... Check U-suke's WORKS page.